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Are you struggling to find a profitable trading strategy?

Well you're not alone, I was once there myself.  Hi, I’m Riley Coleman and my journey through trading has been a rollercoaster.

When I first started I felt overwhelmed by the number of trading strategies out there.

I went in circles trying to find a strategy that worked.  No matter how many trade alerts I followed I just never seemed to make the same trading returns as the expert.

It was exhausting…

Fancy indicators and trade alerts weren't helping.

My longtime friend and trading partner Michael felt the same.  That's why we turned to studying market price movement.

Indicators are just delayed metrics for tracking the market.

By going deeper, we were able to read and react to the market in real time.  This enabled us to make profitable decisions without relying on others. 

So, if your chart looks like this:

You are overcomplicating trading, when your chart should look like this:

By changing our chart, we changed our focus from reading the indicators to reading the market.  We were able understand what the market was doing and consistently predict what it might do. 

Once you can read the market, you can spot where to profit from. 

Michael and I have teamed up to help you learn exactly that.  So you can make profitable trading decisions without relying on indicators or the help of experts.

Don't waste time trying to figure it out on your own....



Whether you are only just learning what a trendline is or have been studying the markets for a few years, this course is a springboard for more consistent and profitable trading.


Effective at spotting big reversal opportunities!

Adaptable to any market condition!

Prevents BLOW UPS with defined stop losses and account growth rules!

Has favorable risk reward ratios so you aren't fighting an upwards battle!

And... it doesn't force you to sit at the computer all day long!


Wondering what's inside? 

Here is the layout of our courses...


Training 1:

Master Fundamental Patterns:

Perfect your understanding of common  market movement.









Every great strategy has its fundamentals that it stands on.  If you don't learn the basics of how to read price movement then it won't matter how good your strategy is.

You won't just get pictures and chart examples to look at, you will get in-depth video trainings that walk you step-by-step on how to spot patterns and their core trading opportunities.

After this training you will understand key important patterns that the market has and how to spot them. 

Training 2:

Spotting Profitable Opportunities:

Understand where to find trades in the market.














Get inside our brains!  When you have been watching the market day in and day out for years, you start to pick up on patterns and movement that signal a potential trade.  Most people don't even realize they are there!

We'll reveal the tips and tricks that create powerful trading opportunities.

you'll discover...

  • Powerful Trade Patterns
    Including: how to use them to predict where the market will go.
  • Simple Entry Checklist
    To quickly anticipate an upcoming trade opportunity
  • Our Thought Process
    With detailed chart walkthroughs, you will understand how we piece everything together to create a picture of what the market is doing.


Training 3:

Take Advantage Of Market Opportunities

Learn Trade Entry, Exit, and Management.













It's one thing to understand what the market is doing, but another to consistently take advantage of those key moves.  Learn several of our different approaches to entering trade opportunities, including profit targets and management. 

Find one that resonates with your trading personality and stick to it - it doesn't have to be complicated.  Remember, being able to build and stick to a trading plan is the key to consistency and success!

Inside The Course, You will Learn....


  • Trade entry strategies to initiate trades when you have spotted a upcoming opportunity. 
  • How to manage risk while maximizing profits.
  • Plus! Learn how to adjust a strategy to your trading personality!

Training 4:

How to Build & Grow a Trading Career:

The worst thing you can do is blow up your trading account before you've even given yourself time to become profitable!!!

That’s why we’ve included a clear PROCESS for starting and growing your trading account.

If you start small and slowly scale up, you won't have to risk losing thousands along your journey to becoming a consistent and successful trader.


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BONUS #1: 

Trading Psychology Breakdown

Have you ever heard the saying: "only 5% of traders are profitable"

That's because only 5% of traders realize that the key to success comes from mastering self-awareness and your emotions.

To help you conquer your mind, we are including a FREE bonus psychology section that will break you out of that toxic trading cycle and into the mindset of a winner!








  • UNDERSTAND EMOTIONAL TRAPS that keep you from being consistently profitable!
  • LEARN WHAT A TRADING ROUTINE IS and how to create one!      
  • CREATE YOUR EMOTIONAL SPECTRUM to know when you should trade and when you should walk away!


Private Trading Room Access

The market never repeats itself.  In the beginning, I struggled to adapt to the market's ever changing environment. It wasn’t just plug and play with the examples I had learned.

Having the ability to collaborate with other traders, and share insights on charts patterns would have been a game changer.

That is why we are including access to our chatroom where you will be able to work with the DayOneTrader's community on your trading journey!


Why trade alone?  Chat with us in real time to know what we are thinking and where we see the market going.


When you join Dayonetraders, you'll receive instant access to everything you need to approach the market and build a trading plan!

  • Build a Market Foundation so you can clearly understand the ups and downs of the market.
  • Tips & Tricks to stay out of painful market situations and ready for prime opportunities.
  • Patterns and Movements that will allow you to spot opportunities in the market. 
  • The When, Why & How of entering into a trade. (Using bracket orders!)
  • When to Adjust Trade Size and risk/reward to best fit your trading style.
  • How To Grow Your Trading Account so you don't risk blowing it up and losing money.
  • The Mental Side of Trading which is the real key to your trading success.

And much, much more!


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